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Economica Next is a redesign and expansion of the classic Economica typeface celebrating its tenth anniversary. This new version has a wider range of weights and was adapted to work in new digital environments. It was carefully designed to save space without loosing its legibility, it is used in several publications around the world and many important websites. It includes sixteen weights and a comprehensive set of characters that allows you to write in several languages. Economica Next is a typeface especially developed for web and app design in complex situations. It has been tested successfully for use in small sizes improving legibility. It is an ideal font for menus, tables, charts, etc.

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Vicente Lamónaca

He has a Degree in Graphic Design from the ORT University, Uruguay, where he teaches Typography. In addition to designing he has been involved in the organization of design and typography conferences and exhibitions.Member of the Jury in the Letras Latinas (2006) and Tipos Latinos (2008) Latin American typography biennials. Coorganizer of Tipos Latinos 2010.

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José Perdomo

Born in 1993, Montevideo, Uruguay. Advanced Graphic Design student at ORT University with a strong vocation towards typography, calligraphy, lettering, and having done an exchange at the Universidad de Blanquerna at Barcelona. He has done lettering workshops with Martina Flor, Lauren Hom, and participated in the letterpress workshop Las Artes del Libro with Caja Baja.

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