We Tune Our Products
to Your Needs

We want our products to provide maximum value and we care about bringing the ideal performance for the specific use situation.

  • Languages


    Extended Language Coverage. We extend the character set to satisfy the communication requirements of diverse idiomatic contexts.

    On top of the wide idiomatic coverage of our typographic products, through our extension service we can add any special characters required for our fonts to match the specific requirements of any project.

  • Modifications


    Specific Aesthetic Adaptation. The character set and the OpenType programming in our fonts are carefully planned to the current market tendencies.

    But we know each project is different. Our modifications service will let you have the typographic properties of our fonts adjusted to match the requirements of your project.

    Changing the character sorting in the stylistic set, reassigning the primary and secondary variants on some signs, resizing small caps and superscripts… those are some of the modifications we are used to perform for our clients, either because of a specific technical need or to create a typographic variant with a specific and very high degree of identity.

  • Hinting


    We Care about New Technologies. The adaptation of the typographic shapes to the screen calls for a unique technical refinement. TipoType’s fonts are designed with the digital multi-platform in mind, but individual cases may require a differential treatment to guarantee the best performance from the font face in a specific technological environment. Our hinting service allows us to offer such a high refinement level for our fonts.

  • Free/Trial licenses

    Free/Trial licenses

    We Trust Our Clients. We can provide you with entirely functional versions of our fonts so you can freely test them in a real-life environment to fully appreciate the value of our font families and their ability to be used globally.
    Online testers are a great tool to get acquainted with a typeface, but we are aware that many times they’re simply not enough. By sending you our fonts you will be able to try them out as much as you need in the specific size and color combinations, in relationship with your images, in animations, in different scales, distances, printing systems and other variables specifically tied to your project and the technological setting you are familiar with.

  • Corporate Plans

    Corporate plans

    Custom Font Licensing. Retail font licensing covers most legal and commercial cases, but not all. We at TipoType know about the many variables in place at the time of planning the purchase a font license. Our goal is to make the buying experience as simple as possible and offer high quality products in a legal and professional framework that guarantees security and peace of mind.
    By implementing special licenses, we can adapt well to any market and legal setting.

  • Identity


    Logo Refinement. Our experience in type production allows us to handle the highest requirements in logotype refinement.

    Once the communicational and graphic design requirements are met, and client and designer reach a satisfactory graphic solution for a logo, the experience of a team of specialists can be an invaluable help to achieve the necessary typographic refinement.

Some of our customers

Some of our customersSome of our customers

We Add TipoType’s experience and expertise to your design services to improve your client’s results.

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