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Trial Hair Hum & Fat Geo

Fieldwork brings back the manual tradition of typography production, veering away from lab interpolations. Each of its 24 variants was drawn based on optical evaluation; many of its curves and details were specifically adjusted for each weight, reformulating them to better suit the requirements of the distinct stroke weighs.

It is the product of a collaborative effort by the TipoType team, combining their personal strengths and —most importantly— their enriching individual outlooks to achieve a more versatile and fresh outcome. Its shapes successfully combine geometric strokes (in the Geo variants) with the humanistic warmth of the double-storey glyphs (like a and g in the Hum variant) in a system that grows with alternates, swashes and the corresponding italics for every weight.

It includes a very thorough coverage for a wide variety of Latin alphabet-based language families.

    Special thanks to:
    • José “Pollo” Perdomo: Font production assistent.
    • Rasmus Jappe Kristiansen: Detroit City project.

PDF specimen

Test me: it could be something like Hamburgefonts!

TipoType team

TipoType’s design team is comprised by its founding partners. The projects they do together are enriched by the sum of different approaches and skills.

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