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Trial Hair Hum & Fat Geo

Fieldwork brings back the manual tradition of typography production, veering away from lab interpolations. Each of its 24 variants was drawn based on optical evaluation; many of its curves and details were specifically adjusted for each weight, reformulating them to better suit the requirements of the distinct stroke weighs.

It is the product of a collaborative effort by the TipoType team, combining their personal strengths and —most importantly— their enriching individual outlooks to achieve a more versatile and fresh outcome. Its shapes successfully combine geometric strokes (in the Geo variants) with the humanistic warmth of the double-storey glyphs (like a and g in the Hum variant) in a system that grows with alternates, swashes and the corresponding italics for every weight.

It includes a very thorough coverage for a wide variety of Latin alphabet-based language families.

    Special thanks to:
    • Rasmus Jappe Kristiansen: Detroit City project.

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Test me: it could be something like Hamburgefonts!

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