Rufina Stencil

Around the world: Contemporary homes, classic typography.

Identity typography of the collection | customer: Taschen

This collection of Taschen Architecture books features contemporary homes from around the world. It is characterized by its unique visual design, with black pages contrasting with white drawings of precise lines and architectural details. The drawings and descriptions offer an in-depth, exploratory look at the houses featured, allowing readers to understand and appreciate the design and architecture of these modern structures.

The font family used to compose the cover and interior of the collection is Rufina Stencil. Rufina transmits tradition and elegance, with signs influenced by Bodoni with the emotional touch of the calligraphic pen. The template cuts (Stencil) provide a contemporary and urban style, a distinctive feature for this typographic style

The Author: Philip Jodidio is a writer and critic known for his contributions to the field of architecture and design. He has published numerous books on contemporary architecture and is recognized for his ability to explain complex architectural concepts in an accessible manner to a wide audience.

His writing often combines visual images with detailed descriptions, historical contexts, and critical analysis, which has contributed to his reputation as an expert in the field.

© Images taken from the official Taschen site

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