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Design can do without images, but not without typefaces.

Libertad is a sans-serif typeface that mixes humanist and grotesk models. It’s most interesting feature is the combination of balanced regulars with dynamic italics, which makes it a very versatile font for different uses.

This typeface follows the Luc(as) de Groot’s Interpolation Theory, that’s why it has seven specially-calculated weights plus their matching italics, from thin to extra-bold. This allows it to be useful in big headlines and also small texts. It has more than 800 characters per weight and support for more than 70 languages.

Platinum CLAP Award

Tipos Latinos 2016

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Test me: it could be something like Hamburgefonts!

Fernando Díaz

Born in 1988, Montevideo Uruguay. Co-funder of TipoType. Certificate in Typeface Design from Type@Cooper, New York. B.A. in Graphic Design from ORT University, Montevideo. He has been teaching Typography in the same university since 2008. Given several conferences and workshops around latin america. His typefaces won several awards.

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