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Jauría is a text font family, composed by three weights: regular, italic and bold; having as a constant: sharp angles, cuts, fractures and deformations which are associated with its morphology and the motivations that made it grow. All of this things conceived without affecting its legibility and functionality in small sizes.

With references to the punk style, counterculture, photocopy as image reproduction, street violence and direct action; Jauría is an experimental typography that through its sharp curves allows to compensate and adjust interior counter shapes, serifs and deform stems. This are the technical elements that give Jauría high functionality, while complementing with ligatures and ornaments that optimize the rhythm of reading. As a result it has a wide character set of 740 glyphs useful for more that 70 languages.

Jauría was developed in the frame of the second version of the ‘Diplomado de Fuentes Digitales’, in the university of Chile, during spring 2013 and summer 2014, presented as a family it was conceived from the contemporary reflection about anarchism and counterculture. It was selected at the ‘6ta Bienal de Tipos Latinos’ (2014) as a text font, and winner of Uruguayan Typography Contest Tipo (2014).

Jauría doesn’t pretend to change the world from its words, although its looking forward to it; also it doesn’t expect to find truths, because it’s expecting to write them and participate in the riot built by everyone.

2014 TipoType Award

Test me: it could be something like Hamburgefonts!

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