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Garrigós Ornamental

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Set of ornaments based on the decorative motifs used by the first typographic workshop in Buenos Aires: “Imprenta de Niños Expósitos”, between 1780 and 1824. This set is the product of an extensive historical research that aims to identify the type that came from Europe to the City during colonial times, and during the first years of Argentina’s independence. This group has a lot of diversity, which fluctuates between organic baroque forms and geometric neoclassical. Its characters can be used in editorial design along with Roman typefaces, they work individually or grouped to form different figures, guards or frames. It was baptized in honor to the first printer who worked in the workshop: the Spanish Agustín Garrigós.


Fabio Ares

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971. Designer & Researcher of Patrimonio, Museos y Casco Histórico de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Teacher at Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Autor of the book Expósitos, la tipografía en Buenos Aires and many articles published in several countries. He has given several workshops and conferences around Latin America.

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