Mozaic for Ceibal an innovation center for technological integration in public education.

Corporate typography | design: I+D | customer: Ceibal

Ceibal is an innovation center for the integration of digital technology in education in Uruguay. It is a state project inspired by the One Laptop Per Child project. Its name is an acronym for Basic Computing Educational Connectivity for Online Learning. The project was created in 2007 when computers (ceibalitas) began to be delivered to children in the country. Fun fact: Ceibal is also the name given to the ceibo forests that produce the national flower.

I+D design studio worked on the new visual identity system for Ceibal and found Mozaic suitable characteristics for its objectives. It was used for the construction of the logo as well as for institutional typography, giving consistency and attractiveness to all of Ceibal’s communication.

Images taken from the official Ceibal site and created from the brand manual.

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