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Tejuela (Spanish for “Wood Shingle”) is a neoclassical type inspired by the wooden architecture of the ancient churches of Chiloé, an archipelago in southern Chile; which are World Heritage Sites. This typeface has rough and broken forms but with soft strokes.
The neoclassical characteristic of Tejuela is due to the architecture of these temples, which belong to this style but adapted to wood with excellent quality and ingenuity by Chilote builders using a material available in the area. Therefore, this typeface reflects the tradition of the fonts of that period, but adapted to the coarseness and warmth of the southern wood of the new world.

Tejuela is useful for extensive texts in literature, history, art and heritage; as also for short and large phrases in headlines according to the occasion.

Tejuela has eight variants in Roman and Italic versions, with small caps, Old Style and Lining numbers, ligatures, alternative glyphs, among other OpenType features; special mention to the capital letters Swash of the italic versions, which serve to generate delicate compositions. In addition, it has two stylistic sets to compose border ornaments inspired by the Chilote Architecture: colonnades and corners, only using the numbers on the keyboard; it is important that the line spacing has the same value as the font.
Its 800 to 940 glyphs are suitable for writing 219 different languages.

I appreciate the great help of Franco Jonas, Alexis Navarro, Marcela Aguilera, Pedro González & Diego Aravena in this process, among many people of the craft that they supported selflessly.

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