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Aromo was initially conceived for editorial purposes. This typeface mixes the versatility of a simple and modern sans-serif, with the sensibility of the humanist feeling: thus making it useful in a wide range of purposes when a balanced and friendly font, with elegant proportions and high readability is required.
The functional nature of its design is complemented by a family of 14 variants (7 weights, plus their matching true italics) interpolated optically for application as a hierarchical resource, where the middle weights (Light, Regular) have been optimized for use in small bodies, while the extremes (Ultra Light, Black) where designed for display environments.
Aromo also offers a wide range of historical and discretionary ligatures, small caps, eleven different types of numerals and a set of more than 700 characters covering about two hundred languages of Latin script.

Test me: it could be something like Hamburgefonts!

Rodrigo López Fuentes

With a BA in Arts, from ‘Universidad de Chile’, he has been working in the printing business since he was 12 years old. He has colaborated in graphic production with artists such as Guillermo Nuñez, José Balmes and Gonzalo Díaz among others.
He was the coordinator of the ‘Bienal de TiposLatinos 2014’, and has given classes about the different graphic disciplines in several universities and institutes. At this time he is a teacher in the ‘Diplomado en Tipografía’ at the ‘Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’.

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