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Brother XS & XL is an expansion of Brother 1816, one of the best sellers of 2016: Brother 1816

We decided to add new widths to the type system, designing a condensed version (XS) that is perfect for narrow spaces without loosing legibility, and an expanded version (XL) with a lot of character for display uses but without abandoning funcionality. Both typefaces where created to adapt in diverse design languages being able to be “retro” or “modern” making it very flexible and working well in texts or titles, in print or screens.

Brother XS & XL mixies Geometric shapes with Humanistic strokes at the same time. You can choose between a pure geometric or humanistic style, condensed or expanded, or even mix between XS, XL, or its alternate characters to create the feeling that you need for your projects. Its humanistic nature makes it easy to read, legible in small sizes; perfect for branding, editorial and signage.
It has a total of 32 fonts, which are divided into 2 groups: XS (16 condensed weights) & XL (16 expanded weights). Each weight has +460 characters, +20 alternates, angular and straight edges, swashes, fractions, ordinals and much more…. Brother has also been specially designed for web (using hinting instructions), making it work in small and large sizes on different types of screen resolutions.

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