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  • Type designer: Sabrina M López

Have you ever tasted a type blend? In Coffee universe, a blend is a combination of different kinds of beans to get a more balanced taste. Typesenses brings this concept to the world of typefaces and creates its new hand-drawn font family: Blend.

This layered font is flavored with the handcrafted spirit that characterizes all Typesenses’ fonts and it is perhaps the one that most shows the hand of its author, Sabrina M. Lopez. Although this cute collection takes elements from visual universe of Bakeries and Coffee Stores, it is only a metaphor. You can create your own look and use it for logos, magazines, menus, books for children, invitations, wedding/greeting cards, packaging, labels, winery, etc. All your designs will have a lovely homemade touch with Blend.

To make the most of the alternatives proposed, use applications that support Open Type. Take a look at the User Guide.

Use Blend and sweeten your design!.

Tipo Latinos 2016

Test me: it could be something like Hamburgefonts!

Sabrina M López

A graphic designer, calligrapher, lettering artist and type designer, Sabrina Lopez has seen great success from her dedication to the art, rather than the science, of type making. “We believe that the perfect technology is our bodies, while the computer is just a tool,” she says. “So, we train our eyes and hands, learning from the Medieval and Renaissance masters. Typesenses brings part of the long history of writing to our era.”

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Carmencita Mariné Trasandina