Rules of participation

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All submissions (finished or in progress) are eligible if they are not under any commercial distribution contract up to 18th September 2016, due that the selected typefaces by the jury will be given a special distribution contract with TipoType. Failure to comply with this section involves suspension from eligibility in the Award at any instance.


Entry Categories
There are four defined categories for submission:

1) Typefaces for text,
2) Typefaces for headings,
3) Other typefaces,
4) Use of Uruguayan typefaces.

Typefaces for text are those intended for the use of large amounts of text. Typefaces for headings are intended mainly for composing titles and/or short texts. Other typefaces are those that doesn’t belong to any of the first two categories. And the category Use of Uruguayan typefaces is intended for design pieces that mainly use typefaces from Uruguayan type designers.


Levels of Submission
There are two kinds of levels for submissions:

a) Typographic projects,
b) Finished typefaces.

The Typographic projects are those that have a minimum of 50 characters in digital format (vectors or pixels), but not necessary a font file (otf, ttf, vfb…); The Finished typefaces are finished products ready for use and commercialization*.

* TipoType will revise and make the necessary recommendations for the file optimisation; TipoType could even participate in the final optimisation process in accordance with the authors, and with its permission, as a mentorship, freelance work or collaboration.


The participation in any of its forms is totally free.

There are to modes for participating:

• Uruguayan*
• Foreigners

* Uruguayan citizens or foreigners living in Uruguay.

Participation in the Award is made effective by meeting three steps:

1) The participant:
accepts the rules and submission guidelines, and fills the registration form.
2) TipoType:
sends the participant an instructive, codes and the design templates. And then,
3) The participant:
sends the entries according to the instructive sent by TipoType.


The jury will select for the three first categories, up to four works for each, in any of the two levels of submission defined for this contest. For the last category (use of Uruguayan typefaces) there will be a selection of up to 20 works. For this 2016 edition, half of the awards and mention’s quotas will correspond to the Uruguayan mode of participation.


TipoType will reword on each selected work (in any of the levels and categories of submission) a certificate crediting the selection in the TipoType Award 2016. In addition, for the typefaces selected, TipoType will offer:

• Up to 12 distribution contracts for commercializing the selected typefaces locally and internationally. (in the chain of distribution that TipoType holds: MyFonts,, FontDeck, YouWorkForThem, CreativeMarket, etc.)

• 6 mentorships for the completion and/or optimisation of the works presented, having as objective future commercialization.


The jury consist of TipoType team (Fernando Díaz, Vicente Lamónaca and Martín Sommaruga). All submissions will be selected by the jury in their own countries, being their judgment final. The publication of the results will be on Tuesday 2nd of November through TipoType’s website.


Participating in the contest automatically and impliedly authorizes TipoType to use the submissions with promotional means for the contest and/or TipoType, have they been selected or not by the jury (always showing the authorship of the corresponding work).

The submission of the entries through the web form, implies the inscription to the contest and also the acceptance of the document of application rules


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